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Chapo OG, also known as “COG,” is a hybrid cannabis strain believed to have been developed with a specific focus on its attributes by dedicated breeders. With a THC content of approximately 21%, this strain is often favored by seasoned consumers. Although its precise genetic lineage remains undisclosed, it is thought to have originated from an undisclosed OG strain. Initially maintained as a limited offering, the authentic Chapo OG strain has been introduced to the public through chosen collaborators. Designed for use during the morning and daytime, Chapo OG delivers an invigorating cerebral high that sparks creativity, akin to the effects often associated with OG Kush. Its flavor profile encompasses elements of velvety kush, subtle pepper, zesty lemon, and a touch of pine. Many individuals seeking relief from mental stress or pain may turn to this strain for potential medical applications.

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