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Chemdawg, officially known as “Chemdog,” is a hybrid marijuana strain that has been cultivated and popularized by the breeder Chemdog since 1991. According to a Leafly interview with Chemdog, this strain is believed to have originated from bag seeds found in Northern California, which were later brought to a Grateful Dead concert in Colorado. Variations of Chemdog include Chem 91, Chem 4, and Chem Sis. The name “Chemdog” is derived from two terms used to describe the same strain, “Chem” and “Dog bud.” Over time and through propagation by various growers and breeders, the name evolved into ‘Chemdawg,’ which has become the more dominant name.

Customers on Leafly have reported that the effects of Chemdawg include feelings of euphoria, uplifted mood, and enhanced creativity. Many medical marijuana patients choose Chemdawg to address symptoms associated with stress, anxiety, and pain. This strain is considered a foundational variety in the world of cannabis and may have contributed to the creation of potent strains like Sour Diesel and OG Kush. Chemdog is well-known for its distinctive, diesel-like aroma, which is pungent and sharp, making it easily recognizable from a distance.

It’s worth noting that Chemdog is known for its potency, and individuals new to cannabis should exercise caution when trying it. Users can anticipate a cerebral experience coupled with a strong, heavy-bodied sensation.

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